"and though you have not seen Him, you love Him, and though you do not see Him now, but believe in Him, you greatly rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory"
I Peter 1:8

. . . learning from the men, women and children of Bible times
            Simon Peter,  an apostle of Jesus Christ     &      (the first gospel preacher)                        This is a true story!

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Joy as known by Peter:  is the fruit born out of hope

 Peter thought Christian joy was indescribable he writes in 1 Pet. 1:8 that Christians (in the midst of suffering) are “filled with an inexpressible and glorious joy”

I think the way things were in Peter’s world he here is describing spontaneous joy.

Not a decision an explosion! We can decide to do things that bring us joy but Peter is on a whole different plane here. Explosive happiness is what Peter wants for his readers. 

Joy just makes us silly and giddy
because we are so happy about the thing
that we are happy about that we're not thinking
about any problems or bad stuff - we are just full of joy.

Peter said that because Christians believe that they have a home in heaven with Jesus that they have so much joy that they can't even BEGIN to tell you how much joy they have!



I Peter 1:24

Our glory is like these yellow blooms on the grass.  They are just there for a season; then they die and fall off. 

God's glory is like the evergreen tree.  It knows no seasons; God's glory endures forever

    I Peter 2:11

"Our fleshly body wars against our spiritual body", Peter said.  As an adult, I might fight against such sins as 'overeating' or 'worrying about money'.  As a young person, you might fight against 'not listening to adults' or 'not being respectful to others'.  If we want to live forever with Jesus, we must fight those sins just like Jesus fought the Devil for us.



Question: How do we get faith? 
Answer: Through Bible reading. 
Romans 10:17
We can not please God without faith.
Faith is 'being sure of what we hope for' (salvation) and
'being certain of things that we can not see' (God). 
Hebrews 11:1
Everybody has to find their own faith. 
This is not something that you can do for someone else,
nor is it something someone else can do for you.
Question: How do we get faith? 
Answer: Through Bible reading. 
Romans 10:17

Grace is 'God smiling on you'.
Grace is 'God helping you'.
Grace is 'God giving you wonderful things' that you don't deserve (like eternal life).

Peter explains that we have received God's grace; now we should turn around and give it to others.

Are you a teacher?  .......then tell others about Jesus.
Are you a leader?  ..........then plan a Christian fellowship.
Are you well off financially?  .........then give generously so that programs can be carried out.
Are you a good cook?  .........then take food to other families.
Are you able to always see the bright side?  ..........then encourage others by lifting their spirits with your words.

I Peter 4:6
Being 'in sin' is like being 'in jail' or having your hands cuffed.  You are limited in what you can do.  In fact, you can't do much!

But when Christ frees you from sin, you can do so much for Him.

As you look at these pics of what you can do with your hands when you are not cuffed, think about what you can do for God without being jailed by sin.

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   Just what I think.........
     I'm a very impatient person;  I just can't wait in line.  I'll eat at a bad restaurant just so I don't have to wait in line for the good restaurant.  If I see a line at the store, I go home and wait until later to make my purchases.

     So I don't understand why some Christians act as if we are just standing in line for heaven.  I don't think we are.  I think we have (a little bit, anyway) of heaven already.

     If we have a Bible in hand and are willing to read and study and meditate on Scripture and obey what it tells us to do, we have a relationship with Jesus that is exciting (even entertaining)!  It is certainly NOT like waiting in a boring line.

     But only if we read, study, meditate, obey.

Praise means to tell people (and God)
how wonderful God is; how magnificent his gifts are;
and thanking God for all his blessings.
Some people praise God in song, too.

Peter pointed out that Christians could praise God for His mercy, for His gift of salvation, for His promise to protect our souls, and for His grace and his willingness to cleanse us of our sins.


I Corinthians 11:15 says that a woman's long hair
is a glory to her.  Anything we possess that is good
can be a glory to us.  Ball players, lots of times,
give God the glory for their talents. 
Everything that God created is His glory.

I Corinthians 10:31 says, "Whatever you do, do it for the glory of God."  So in everything we say and in everything we do, we've got to think, "Am I making God look good?  Is He happy with me, His creation?"

Children can be a glory to their parents (or not)!


Honor means to recognize someone and give them respect. 
It is a good thing to talk to people, say 'hello', call them by name.  We won't get far in life by ignoring others.  That is rude!
To honor God (to not ignore God) would be to open the book that He wrote to us and READ; to listen to what He has to say to us.
Peter said in this letter that we should honor EVERYONE.
We love our moms and our dads and our brothers and our sisters; but do we love Jesus?  We can't love someone that we don't spend time with.  We can spend time with Jesus through Bible study and prayer.
If we read and study the Scripture and we realize what Jesus did for us (like an innocent lamb to the slaughter) we will know in our hearts that we love Jesus and want to live for Him.
Peter said that we must love everyone; that is the hard part!  But we all have a purpose in our existence and it is not just to love ourselves.  It is to help others survive this world AND to help others enter the next world.

Hope in Hebrews: 

Hope is the beginning of faith because faith is being sure of what we hope for (Heb 11:1)

Like an anchor holding a ship securely in its place, hope is the anchor of our soul it holds us securely on God’s promise of salvation and those things that accompany salvation (Hebrews 6:9-11 & 6:17-20)  A ship’s anchor provides safety as hope does for the Christian.  The ship’s anchor goes down to the ocean floor and that is how it holds the ship fast , our anchor (hope) goes up to God himself where we are held fast (Heb. 6:19,20).  Therefore Hope is the confident expectation of the salvation to come through Christ.

 Hope only comes through Christ and His resurrection from the dead. Peter uses the word in his first epistle three times in the opening chapter  and twice more in chapter 3.  His letter is meant to be a letter of hope in the midst of suffering. Christians do not have a “wishful thinking” kind of hope but a “living hope” because the Author of Christian hope is living. (1 Peter 1:3,4)

 Titus 2:11-14
Gal. 5:5

If we believe that Christ was resurrected from the dead and now lives in Heaven, then we hope that we, also, will be resurrected when we die, and go to live with Jesus in Heaven.
Peter said that we should be ready to tell people about this hope.
You may be hoping for a bigger house than the one shown here; I'm just hoping for a lot of books!
There are a lot of reasons to study Scriptures.
Some might be:
1) to be entertained by the Old Testament stories
2) to be helped by the parables of Jesus in daily living
and 3) to find HOPE in the verses that tell us about God's heaven

Mercy is 'God not punishing us' even though we deserve to be punished for our sins.

Peter said in his letter that we have a new birth and a hope that is alive only because of God's great mercy.
I Peter 3:21

Just like the ark saved Noah and his family from the physical death of the high flood waters......

being inside the church saves us from the spiritual death of seperation from God.

Fill in the blank with the correct number
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How Many............
....Bible books mention Peter?     
....times is Peter's name mentioned in the Bible?  
...times did Peter deny Jesus? 

....people were baptized on the Day of Pentecost? 
....other apostles worked with Peter in the gospels?  

....times did Peter suggest that we forgive our brother?

  ...other disciples were with the apostles as they waited for the Holy Spirit?  
...men believed when they saw the lame man healed ?  
 ...years was Aeneas paralyzed before being healed ?  

...books did Peter write ?  



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