So do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will care for itself...
Matthew 6:34

. . . learning from the men, women and children of Bible times
            The Sermon on the Mount                             The Beatitudes                       This is a true story!

Jesus said to his followers, "You are the salt of the earth".

Imagine !
the earth

and all its people.


Some people don't follow Christ's teaching

(teachings like 'love your neighbor')

but others follow Christ,
so they are loving and kind and respectful

These people are like salt that give food its flavoring;
but instead, they give influence and instruction and good examples to the world!


and their prayers keep God's blessings coming down to earth

Now look at the earth and all its people and see that the Christ-like people have salted the earth just like salt on food

Jesus said to his followers, "You are the light of the world".

The sun lights
our physical world

just like Jesus
lights our spiritual
and moral world


You might need a flashlight
to see where to step and turn
on a dark path

You definitely need
Jesus' words to help
you see where to step
and turn in a dark world

Then, followers of Jesus reflect the light of Jesus to other people trying to find their way in a sinful world.

Jesus said, "You heard that you should not murder; but I say that you should not be angry with your brother without a cause".
    (don't kill one's body or one's spirit)
Jesus taught, "You should not have to swear that you are telling the truth.  When someone asks you if something is true, just simply say 'yes' or 'no'".
(if you're honest, you don't need all those extra words)

Jesus taught, "You should love your neighbor AND your enemies.  Pray for your enemies and do good to those who persecute you."
(it is easy to love your friends, exercise your spirituality by loving your enemies)

Jesus explained, "If you do your good deeds to be seen of men, you already have your reward.  If you do your good deeds in secret, God will reward you openly."
(if you want to talk to someone about your good deed, talk to Jesus)


Jesus said, "Don't store up treasure on earth where it can be destroyed or stolen; but store up treasure in heaven where your treasure can not be taken from you."
(instead of filling the piggy bank with money, fill your heart with the words of Jesus - it will pay off better!)
Jesus warned, "Forgive others their sins against you and God will forgive your sins; but if you don't forgive people, God will not forgive you."
(choose to forgive - God has probably got a lot more to forgive you for than you have to forgive that other person for, so you come out ahead anyway!)

'Sermon on the Mount' Quiz
pick the right phrase to complete the sentence as found in the 'Sermon on the Mount' in Matthew 5, 6 & 7
10 points for every right answer - wrong answers will be shown to you

1.  Think not that I am come to destroy the law and the prophets,...

I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill
I am come to destroy just the law
I am come to destroy the prophets only


2. But whosoever slaps you on your right cheek,...

have him arrested
turn to him the other, also
hit him three times

3. But when you give to the poor, do not let your left hand know...

that you announced to everyone how much you gave
how much the poor needed you
what your right hand is doing

4.  For where your treasure is,...

there will your heart be also
there will be moth and rust
there will be gold and silver


5. But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness...

and all these things shall be added unto you
and He will not know you
and you shall bear fruit

6. Ask and it shall be given you, seek and you shall find, knock...

and the path will be narrow
and it shall be opened unto you
and your sins will be forgiven

7.  Because strait is the gate and narrow is the way that leads unto life...

and everybody will find it
nobody will find it
and few there be who find it


8. Wherefore, by their fruits...

you shall know them
you shall see God
you shall walk through the wide gate

9. Therefore whosoever hears these sayings of mine and does them,...

I will not know you
I will liken to a wise man who built his house upon the rock
I will liken to a foolish man who built his house upon the sand


  Score -  
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