A Presentation of the Book of Genesis
North Leach Church of Christ
Watonga, Oklahoma
January 11, 2009


the block of wood is labeled 'life'
the nail is labeled 'worries'
the hammer is labeled 'Scripture'

Can you get the nail out with your hands?       NO!

Can you get the nail out with a knife that might represent 'video games'

Scripture is the best tool to keep worries from putting holes into your life!
 The Bible is the inspired word of God – meaning that men wrote down what God told them to write.

To read the Bible is to inhale God’s words. It’s like we’re standing right in front of Him hearing His words and feeling what He feels and we can feel His life within us.

To breathe in something of God is to be more loving, kind, forgiving, faithful, patient, understanding and more compassionate.

If we will read the Bible often, then the Bible will truly be inspirational to us.

the bottle of vinegar (4 T.) represents 'the Word of God'

the balloon with soda (2 T.) in it represents 'hearing'

Carefully fasten the balloon to the mouth of the bottle and lift the balloon up spilling the soda into the bottle.  This produces a carbon dioxide gas that fills the balloon.

Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God, Romans 10:17

Your faith will grow as you study the Bible.

 Genesis is the first book of the Bible – a book of beginnings.

 Everything you see – the ground you walk on and the air you breathe – was made by God. In the beginning of the world, God spoke and things happened. On the third day of the world, God said these words:” Let the land produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit.” God made every kind of tree and plant in that moment, and then He decided something. “God saw that it was good.” All of creation gives us a pretty big clue in our search for God. Creation shows us God’s glory. God’s beautiful world shows us that He is creative and appreciates beauty. Nature shows us that He cares for us and provides us with food and shelter that we need.

Our solar system with its asteroids, planets, and sun is pretty spectacular – and don’t you think the one who made it is even more spectacular?

 God said, “It is good” And it was good.

It was a place where God and man lived and worked in harmony; a place of innocence, peace and happiness.

But, then, Adam and Eve made the choice to disobey the one rule that God gave them. They choose their own path and it led them right out of the garden into a harsher world.

But God the Creator is God the Father and He gave them warm clothes to wear while He begins striving to repair their relationship. The rest of the Bible is about God’s plan to get his people back to Eden and how human beings can satisfy the desire that still gnaws at every human heart, the desire to return to Eden to live with and be loved by our true Father.


Each little flower that opens,
            each little bird that sings,  
           God made their glowing colors,
            and made their tiny wings.         

      All things bright and beautiful,        
     creatures great and small,          
   all things wise and wonderful:       
       the Lord God made them all.

On a world washed clean by the flood waters, with only one family remaining, Noah’s family grew and multiplied. They moved to the plains of Shinar, where they all lived together and they all spoke the same language.

The people wanted to make a name for themselves by building a tower that reaches into the sky. They were full of foolish pride. God came down and mixed up their languages so they could not continue working; everyone stopped working since they could not understand each other. That is why we have different languages and different races. We may have different physical characteristics that we get from our parents; but we all have the same sinful nature which we get from our first parent, Adam. (Romans 5:12)

 The good news is that God has done something about it. (John 3:16)

Jesus Christ, the Creator, was sinless; but He took on the sins of the world.

He died on the cross; but on the third day,

He rose up and conquered death so that everyone who obeys His word can become a child of God and live with Him through eternity.

The skit and puppet show about the 'Tower of Babel'
was a crowd favorite.

And the tower was abandoned when God 'mixed up' their language
 One day three strangers came to visit Abraham. Abraham quickly went out to greet them brought water for their feet and prepared a meal for them.

One of the strangers asked where Sara was. Abraham said in the tent. He told Abraham about the same time next year Sara would have a child at this time Abraham is 99 and Sara is 89.

When Sara heard the angel she laughed. The stranger said why did Sara laugh is any thing too hard for the Lord?

As the strangers start to leave -the Bible calls one of them the Lord- tells Abraham what he is going to destroy the City of Sodom because of its sin.

Abraham speaks up and asked the Lord if He will save the city if 50 righteous people can be found. The Lord will not destroy it if only 10 righteous can be found.

As the Lord talks to Abraham the two other strangers –who are angles- go Sodom to bring Lot and his family out. Lot tries to save his two sons in law from being destroyed but they didn’t believe him. Finally just before sun up the Angles pull Lot and his family from their home and they run for their lives and the Lord destroyed the cities with fire.

Genesis 15:6 “Abraham believed the Lord and the Lord was pleased with him.”

 God kept his promise to Abraham and he and Sarah had a son, Isaac.

Isaac was a great joy and blessing to Abraham and Sarah but their faith was about to be tested.

Chapter 22 opens with “God decided to test Abraham.” He tells the old man to take his son and sacrifice him on the altar.

Abraham ties Isaac to the altar and even gets as far as raising the knife before God calls out “Stop!”

God said, "Now I know that you fear God because you have not withheld your son from me."

The wax paper represents 'just getting through the day'

The chalk represents 'our efforts or actions'

The chalk doesn't write very good.

The lemon juice represents 'prayer'

When you dip the chalk into the lemon juice, you can write on the paper with no problem!

Don't forget to pray.  You will get through your day a whole lot better!


 Isaac and Rebekah had 2 sons, Jacob and Esau; they were twins! They fought, according to the Bible even before they were born. Esau is a hairy redhead; this a pun on his names because Esau means ‘hairy’ and Edom means ‘red’. Esau is born first.

Jacob emerges from the womb grasping Esau’s heel. Jacob’s name means ‘he grasps the heel’ or ‘trickster’ – our equivalent today would be ‘he’s pulling your leg’.

Two brothers – very different. Esau the big brute, hairy hunter – redheaded – hot tempered – man of action. Jacob was the scheming trickster, the cunning plotter a man of strategy.

 Joseph’s story echoes the nation of Israel.

They both start out in exile and then become a blessing to others.

The nation of Israel is likened to Christians today.

We start out ‘in sin’, but after we let Jesus save us, we can be a blessing to others – we can be the salt of the earth giving God’s instruction and influence and inspiration to the world.