A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity...  
Proverbs 17:17

. . . learning from the men, women and children of Bible times
            Jonathan                                                                      This is a true story!

The story of friends:

I Samuel 20

We know they were good friends; the Bible says that


as his own soul! 
I Samuel 18:4 says that Jonathan gave David his own robe and garments, even his own sword and bow.

was the son of King Saul,
the first king of Israel. 

was the son of Jesse.

King Saul was very jealous of

and he wanted to kill him.

was living in the king's house because King Saul liked to hear him play his harp; but

became afraid to live there anymore.


came up with a plan.

would hide in the field while

went home to dinner.  If King Saul got mad because

wasn't at dinner, then Jonathan would know that King Saul meant

harm and

would warn him.

He would warn

by coming back out to the field with his bow and arrow and a young lad.  He would tell the young lad to go fetch the arrows that he had shot.  If

told the lad that the arrows were on this side of him, then
would know that everything was okay and he could come back to the king's house. 

 If Jonathon told the lad that the arrows are beyond him, then

should run away to preserve his own life.

Sure enough, King Saul became angry at Jonathan during dinner because

wasn't also at the table.  King Saul yelled to

to go get

so that King Saul could kill him.


 tried to ask his father what wrong thing that

had done, King Saul threw a javelin at his own son.



 went out to the field with his bow and arrows and a young lad.  He shot an arrow and told the young lad that that arrow had gone beyond him.  The young lad gathered all the arrows and then
told the lad to go back to the city.


came out of his hiding place and

 cried together and said good-bye to each other and promised to always be friends.



Jonathan was the son of  

King Saul was the first
king of   

3.  Saul liked to hear David
play David's    

4.  I Samuel 20:31 tells us
Saul told Jonathan that Jonathan would never become    
as long as David lived.

5.  I Samuel 20:41 tells
us that David   more

6.  David was the son of  


One time when the armies of Saul were fighting the Philistines, King Saul made all his soldiers take an oath not to eat until evening.  Jonathan was away from King Saul and didn't hear what he said about the oath. 

Although Jonathan and his armor bearer killed 20 Philistines by themselves, King Saul wanted to kill Jonathan because Jonathan ate some honey that day.

King Saul's soldiers realized how wrong Saul was and they rescued Jonathan from the king so he wouldn't be killed.

Jonathan fought a lot of successful battles against the Philistines; but he was eventually killed by a Philistine on the same day that his father, King Saul and two of his brothers were killed.


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